Hi. I’m Van.  Welcome to my journal.  My wife and I currently live in the Metro-Atlanta area.  We have three extraordinary grown sons.   We also have three wonderful grandsons, and three beautiful granddaughters, too!  The mothers of my grandchildren are like daughters to me. Family, good neighbors, and friends are my wealth.  It is my link to all things wonderful.

There are several categories in this journal.  The “Dog Letters” began back in the eighties and were actually sent out to lots of people.  Not all of them are posted here yet, but it is a project I’m working on.  I’ve noticed the articles in the “Humor” group get the most views, but random posts in all of the categories have enjoyed wide circulation, which is a curiosity to me sometimes.

“Quoting Van” is a collection of things I’ve said before taken from letters, speeches, and other communication over the years.  Mostly they’ve been things spoken out loud whenever I go out to the mailbox, with seldom an audience larger than a bluejay, two or three squirrels, and perhaps a stray cat.  I sincerely hope it is an incomplete list (both for things said, and for the makeup of audiences).

This blog is about fun, and things I’ve thought about.  Articles posted here are entirely for that reason, and not at all about defining a business model.  But there are stories here, and I often use them as examples in all kinds of learning situations.

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats while making a living, but none of them define me.  My degree is in theater, and so has been some of my more enjoyable work.  See:



With this program, I offer, and do bring the sage humor and wit of Mark Twain to audiences in a unique performance they will appreciate, remember, and talk about.  After all, in spite of a limited formal education, few writers have ever mastered such a broad understanding of human behavior and thought as did Mark Twain.

Requests for performances of “Mark Twain Returns” as a fund raiser for local charities, historic restorations, and to benefit cultural arts are encouraged. The actor does not make the character available for political campaigns, implied product endorsements, or for comments on contemporary issues calling for contrived opinions of what the author “may have said” if he were alive today. For conventions, and commercial for profit theatrical productions, the material, and length of the performance can be tailored to the needs and demographics of intended audiences.

In other programs, I use character analysis (a critical piece of the business of actors and directors) to help others understand that part of themselves that is “on stage” every day.  More importantly, what other people are presuming about motivation that could be misleading, and therefore costly.

From time to time I post on Twitter, and those who wish, can follow @:  https://twitter.com/#!/thevanbrown

The photograph (below) has been altered: the cigar in the original picture was much, much cheaper!

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