…Began the Day She Was Born

“There are often at least two sides to an argument, and it is not so unusual that all of them are wrong.” ~ Things I’ve Said Before


Once upon a time, a girl lived to become 18 years old.  By then, she had come to believe many things, most of which she had been taught by somebody else.  Were any of her demands based on things she believed?  Probably so.  What about the demands her parents had made prior to her moving out?  Do you think they were based on things they believed?  Probably so.  So it is possible then, to suggest that a conflict and controversy exists between people because of the differences in what they believe?  Probably so.

My opinion is that the court should not award the young lady any of the things she has sued for.  From other  comments heard, others feel the same way.  Yet all the condemnation is on the girl without any consideration given for the cause of her belief disorders.  To her mom and dad I would ask:  “Who raised this child?”  Who is accountable for the messed up belief system in her head?  Did she leave home because of her own inability to postpone gratification?  Or were there other character flaws, perhaps even some of her parent’s flaws that lead to the division in their family unit?

I cannot help but have suspicions that a lot of things were handled in less than desirable ways for perhaps a long time.  And I also suspect that towards the end, there were lots of angry and hateful words used–so hard to reel back in sometimes, by both sides.  And might part of the reason they were used likely to be the result of them not knowing what else to do?  Both sides failed, didn’t they?  None of them seemed able to find a peaceful way to resolve their conflict, because the conflict was not resolved without anger.  But in the end, they both held on to their beliefs, didn’t they.  So now they go to court to show the rest of the world what a dysfunctional family looks like, not that we need more examples of it at all.

At least they went to court.  Some families move to much more violent measures.  The court case will have been an event in a series of events.  But learning is not about events unless they are traumas; learning is a process.  Whatever the girl has learned that has lead up to what she believes is the result of a process that began the day she was born.


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  1. Posted by Betty on March 7, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Sad, but true


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