What Should We Re-think?

For those who feel they must constantly dance to entertain the keeper of the key to the food locker, understand that there are other people in this world who are at peace with their natural world. Whenever our culture finds them, we call them strange, but can you imagine how they must laugh at us?  While you watch this, take your mind to a clear, uncluttered place on a quiet day with no memories of anything you’ve ever seen on the news, or read in a history book:


With so many suggestions as to how we can fix government(some more absurd than others), the question does come up of how we managed to get ourselves governed in the first place.  I have written elsewhere of the processes, but for now, lets go back into the history of human beings before a time when it became necessary to write anything down.

For people to understand the acquisition of government, they have to know about pre-tribal cultures–merely bands of people at a time when it had not yet occurred to anyone how powerful it would be to find a way to lock up the food & control its distribution. Authority to do that came by convincing the others that a chieftain, a medicine man, or holy man had access to, and a relationship with the very cause of nature itself. People still fall for that even today. We call it “civilization”.

Again, I find myself recommending that you might read:

Beyond Civilization by Daniel Quinn

One man asked if reality gets in the way.  Perhaps it can.   But I suspect reality does not get in the way nearly as much as mythology does. I repeat a metaphor here I’ve used before, but just listen to all the people who argue about whether the boat should be painted red, or should it be blue, with no regard for the fact their boat is sinking. But to them, the only thing that is important is the incredibly powerful influence of their belief disorders.

Perhaps the most intelligent work on the subject during modern times might be:

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

Sadly, it will be true that those whose minds are closed will be least likely to read any of this.  They will not because of fear: the fear of facing challenges to dogmatic opinions that they have no logical or rational way to oppose.  They will just jump into their safety nets, and keep their blinders on.  They will feel proud of their steadfast position to hold on to their “principles” even when their principles call for them to be certain the Easter Bunny actually brings the eggs!

And I’m not just talking here about religious bigotry that promotes exclusion and hatred (in the name of love), but for all of those who are so inclined to swallow the ideologies of their sacred political parties (while demonizing the opposition).  That intelligent dialogue is always defeated in the face of emotional rhetoric is not new.  The issue was recognized way back in ancient Greece, but very few of our citizens ever read about that any more.

More recently, there were the debates between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.  Douglas held to ideas that would be critically important to the Democratic Party for a long time just as Lincoln helped formulate the mindset of the Republicans.  That in so many ways, the parties swapped sides with each other on a lot of domestic policy issues is not really noticed by a population that doesn’t actually study history.

Further, those who cannot see the comparisons between our present day congress and the one in office leading up to the war between the states, make up the bulk of the emotional flag wavers of both parties that will set the closed-minded allegiances on parade for the next election.  They do not recognize that the failure to have dialogue and seek reasonable compromise for the common good was what sent the predecessors home doomed to engage in a war between brothers.

While we should hope for a return to sensible dialogue, it is not likely to happen as long as the current Democratic and Republican parties remain what they have both become–rotten.

The following article sums up a lot of what I feel about it.  But it is likely that those who might benefit most from reading it will be the least likely to do so.  But if you do, and can get beyond the fearful thought that something in it attacks your core beliefs, I’d appreciate your comments:


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Frances on September 17, 2011 at 3:31 am

    WOW,after reading this my head just keeps spinning around and around! Don’t know if it’s because I don’t understand it or because I do. For some reason it kinda reminded me of that old song by “Chicago”, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”? Well it’s late, time is running out and NOBODY seems to know what to do.
    We didn’t get this way over night and it ain’t gonna be fixed over night; but as soon as I get my piece of the pie I’ll tell you all what I think you should do. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican and I try to stay out of political or religious debates. Since nobody else had commented I thought I’d jump right in. If no one wants to critique your thoughts they can point out the flaws in my comments. They don’t know me. I’m still a confirmed cynic and so far they haven’t declared that a political party.


  2. Posted by little d on September 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Vantwain, I read the article you suggested, and although it was primarily targeted at the ( R ) party, it did make the needed analysis of the dreaded ( D ) party as well.
    Remember that a great party is one you don’t get sick of or at, remember as well
    that the two parties above have made you sick, your Country sick, the sick sicker,
    and so on…..the fact anyone is still at either Party is, well, sickest.

    Two Irons come to mind VT, Divide and Conquer, and Problem-Reaction-Solution..

    The first Iron upon inspection may yield an ole slogan from years thought past, but as one slogan will yield to another ole classic, there”s nothing new under the Sun, It would suggest that the first Iron is still very much Hot and currently plugged into an seemingly endless power supply (example- see article you suggested)

    The second Iron, perhaps not as widely circulated (hot) as the first, is the methodology devised from thousands of successful years of the first Iron.

    Now, lets look at why the American Experiment is such an winner, I think anyone reading this would suggest some of the same reasons if we were to name our top 10,
    that said, and without any given here, its time for the…… bunch bowl floater.

    The same top ten reasons that made this Country a winner are also the most feared
    top ten reasons for those who gamed the occasion and risk the greatest loss and/or advantage if it had continued as it was drafted.

    Of course it was just a matter of time before the greatest opportunity would have to be adjusted, if it had not been, People would have become to educated, to well off, they would have wanted more,and they would have got it. Before long, a sucker would not have been born every second, institutional fraud would not have been possible, one
    cannot even fathom such a paradise when one has always feasted on the works of

    In so many words, the two Irons remain virtually undetected, their history records
    suggest that they will be successful for many years to follow and where that leads
    those who follow them only a glimpse of History is necessary to suggest……their movement will, sorry to say, sweep all floors .

    I know, I remember, I forget

    Oh Well, lets hope there’s water in it.

    little d

    ps- just a suggestion, discontinue Parties, lets just get together and have a good time.


  3. While I enjoy good political discussion, I usually get tired of it pretty quickly because a lot of people reach an impasse—they will not change their ideas or opinions at some point of ideology. Party partisans are a good example. They hold to an ideal, even when there’s lots of evidence against it. Those who resist gun control in the US are a prime example of this.

    In Canada, our right-wing party holds to the idea that lower taxes lead to greater prosperity for all, even though I’ve never seen empirical evidence for that.


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