Congressperson and Others Shot.

Does emotional political rhetoric (devoid of logic and intelligent dialogue) in this country feed dogmatic belief disorders (see: Term Limits and Other Belief Disorders)?  Does it only affect the mentally deranged and the emotionally weak?  Consider this:

In the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler rallied the German people to support him in what he called their “Christian Duty”.  The rhetoric worked, and the people of Germany gave Hitler the power he wanted.  As a result, millions of human beings suffered incredible agonies; millions more died horrible deaths.

While it is unlikely that the horrors of WWII were caused by the teachings of the Christ model, it is unequivocal that these horrors did result from beliefs in irrational fears conjured by fiery and emotional political rhetoric.  That sort of thing still happens.  It will continue to happen as long as people stand for it.

More than once I have said, and perhaps you’ve heard me say:

“Beliefs! People will kill you for what they believe.  But that which they may believe to be true to in fact be true, is not now, nor has it ever been required.”


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  1. Posted by little d on January 9, 2011 at 10:15 am

    (From e-mail) Yep, any competent review of History will prove your observations true, that widespread belief disorder syndrome has been a deadly ingredient in everything human. I see no immediate plans of that changing anytime soon either. It could be said with a great degree of certainty, that the truth does indeed exist, but being the truth remains the establishment of fact, and cannot speak alone, the establishment appointed a spokesperson on truths behalf, a easily recognizable fellow, known far and wide by his now famous quote, “I believe…”. Thanks again.


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