Ground Hog Day!

Ground hog is delicious.  It is one of the best things to use when making sausage. T’is a shame they advertise ground hog day as being held once  a year.  That is pure nonsense!  You can grind a hog year-round if it’s cold enough (and you have a grinder handy).

First, get yourself a hog.  Try not to make eye contact when it is time to knock it in the head: they can be persuasive when you look ’em in the eye.

The best part to grind is the meat.  Do that.  Add some spices, and grind it s’more.  And there you have it…sausage (which is usually ground hog)!

For some other delightful treats, try ground beef, ground venison, and ground coffee.  But when using ground coffee, use a filter.  Uncle Alvin once looked into his coffee cup and said:

“There’s enough grounds here for divorce!”

Another recipe that is ground-breaking is ground ground.  Worms love it.

There was a movie called “Groundhog Day”.  Though several epicureans savored the idea of such a theme, there was nothing about grinding hog meat in it, which to the sausage man, was disappointing.  I think it was a fantasy of sorts, if you care for that sort of grind.  The irony of the movie was, that though the main character could repeat the day, he could not forget how he lived it yesterday. So without surprise, and no sadness felt for what he could overcome by re-doing, he soon found there was no joy in it.

But if I could stop time, and have any control of it (a condition that might cause others to be a bit pensive), I’d consider giving what little of it I have left to some children who are on the threshold of having none at all. I’ve had many joyful days, and perhaps more than my share.  But since we cannot forego living out our time, or even really predict with any accuracy how much of it remains, we certainly cannot reassign it as a gift.  For however much is there, it is already a gift.  Thing to do is to make good of it, or waste it presuming it to only be a grind.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by little d on February 4, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    The Hawaiian’s ” Pig in the Ground ” was how this was done in the ( pre-grinder period ) I recall, ironically, it was first witnessed to as “a meal from God”. Accordingly, the Natives observed God striking the feral Hogs with lightning bolts repeatedly until cooked to perfection…


  2. Posted by Marlene Humberd on February 2, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Well, Punxsutawny Phil has let us down . 😦 Haven’t heard yet about Gen . Beauregard Lee , but Phil probably messaged him on what to do . Some kind of conspiracy here … Dang ! Now ,where’s my grinder ? Varmit Night is coming up, and I’m in charge of appetizers. ; )


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