Church and State: Dominionism and the Religious “Wrong”

In a series of recent e-mail exchanges, a friend of mine was disturbed that I suggested it would be stupid to elect the Reverend Mike Huckabee (or expect him to be elected) to the office of President of the United States.  It is important that you understand that by “Stupid” I am not referring to IQ.  I do not measure stupidity by IQ any more than I would measure wealth by bank account.  I measure by results.  Let me give you an example of what I mean:

I have very little money but I have a few good friends, one of which is married to me.  Also, I have three grown sons who still say “yes ma’am” to their mother.  Some would say by that measure that I am a wealthy man.  Mr. (name withheld) of New York has liquid assets of over sixteen million dollars.  Yet his children suffer some of the same problems found among inner city destitute children: drug abuse, narcissism, and the likelihood of being drawn towards predatory people.

Unfortunately, they may never really know if they actually have a true friend anywhere here on earth, because from what is visible to us outside their vortex, all of their relationships are very likely to be about money, and very little else.  Both religious and secular literature is full of examples of why this would be foolish.

So, I think I’m a happy man.  Maybe ignorance is bliss.  To have that bliss, my health, and a few things I want out of life, may be my assumed equation for happiness, but I read something recently that could bring it under question:

“To be stupid and selfish and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless.” — Gustave Flaubert

But back to the question of turning the government over to those would expect to govern by measure of their religious doctrines and beliefs: such as that are cautions to me.  Please don’t assume I am opposed to having persons with an ethical conscience in public office: that isn’t the case.  I am opposed to the idea of a Theocracy whereby law becomes dominated by the dogma of any one religion over all of the others.  It is counter to the very standards that established our constitution, and to allow such to occur would be at best, a hapless decision (or more likely,  a bandit or outright stupid decision.  It would NOT be intelligent–see link below).

By all ethical training and religious teachings, we have been told that fulfillment in life and attaining tangible riches is not necessarily an equation.  Also we’ve been taught that to cause harm is wrong. Conversely then, to avoid causing harm is right.  Right and wrong then, can be measured by results of actions.

Any action or decision once made will have some kind of a result.  Please go to the following link:

Throughout history, whenever religious clerics get into political power, it tends to bring about war, poverty in working classes, repression of learning, and eventually the destruction of their own system.  This is not supposition.  This is historically true.  We know that.

What has been happening in Iran is an excellent modern example of what’s wrong when any particular religious group takes control of a government.  Whether they are right, or just think they are right doesn’t really matter.  It is going to be miserably bad for anyone over there whose religion might be different, isn’t it?

Our founding fathers, knowing this, wanted to set it up so as to not happen here.  They knew that to do otherwise would be stupid.  They were right.  It’s very important to freedom in America to make sure that so called “ministers” like Al Sharpton, Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson, Robert Tilton and Mike Huckabee are not put into positions of serious political power.  I am more than a little set back by how so many of these so called “Men of God” are opposed to protecting the environment as if their right to a “dominion” over the Earth does not come with the caveat of stewardship.

Oh, they have a legal right to get into the political game, but somebody needs to remind the voting public that if these people were really true to their calling, they could not even remotely give serious consideration to a political career; it would at the very least (because of the very nature of the political beast) be degrading to their ordination.  To consider such a career under the circumstances would, of course, be a bandit decision, or a stupid decision.

There is another issue I have about the Reverend Huckabee:  He has declared himself to be a “Creationist”, and would encourage schools to teach “Intelligent Design” rather than the theories of Charles Darwin.  Without scientific credentials of his own, he publicly challenges the thinking of over 97% of the scientific community.  If he knows better, but is saying it to get votes, then he’s a bandit (see link above).  If he doesn’t know any better, would that make him intelligent?  Probably not.

Make sure you understand that my first reason for not endorsing any of the “professional” Christians (or professional clerics of any religion) is that they claim to be ordained to do something else entirely. But such a position as I take here does not imply endorsement to any of the other stupid people who want to be president, either.  I do not presume to predict the outcome of the election next year as of yet.  I do, however, look forward to quite a circus as I’m sure we will be entertained by a lot of people who do not know that they are stupid.

“If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that x times y is less than y

A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of hangings thrown in…

Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage…”   — H.L. Mencken

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